SteadiHead™ Introduces Laser Technology To Help Lower Scores

How often as a teaching professional are you challenging your students to become better putters? If the answer is often, the new SteadiHead™ is for you! SteadiHead™ was created to help you start training students to follow three fundamentals to better putting:

Align their eyes over the ball
Train to see the actual line to the cup
Keep their head “Steadi” throughout the stroke

By incorporating the latest safe laser technology into a comfortable, wearable glass frame design, teachers are finding success with as little as 10 minutes of practice. The first immediate result is knowledge of just how much we all move our head during the putting stroke. By keeping your head “Steadi” and aligning the laser dot on the ball at rest and through the stroke, you will be amazed at how many more putts you will sink. SteadiHead™ trains you to focus on the three fundamentals and less on the stress of making the putt. Teachers, students, coaches, and even a few touring pros are experiencing great results using the SteadiHead™.

As a teaching tool, Steadihead™ can now become a revenue stream for USGTF professionals. By ordering online before November 1, all USGTF members receive a 25% discount by typing in USGTF in the coupon at check out. Order them for yourself, your students, or sell in the clubhouse. The savings are yours and can be used to earn some holiday cash! Order online at




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