When it comes to rhythm in the golf swing, many golfers are somewhat confused. For example, often we see students who have a very slow, deliberate backswing and then a violent move forward.


Rhythm is the pace of one part of the swing as it relates to other parts. Tempo is the overall pace of the entire swing. The idea is to get the rhythm of the backswing to match the rhythm of the forward swing, regardless if the tempo is fast or slow. Think of Ernie Els; he’s smooth going back and smooth going through. Now think of Tom Watson; very fast going back and very fast going through. Obviously, a golfer who tries to match Els’ backswing to Watson’s forward swing will find limited success – yet, that’s how many golfers swing.


Many times, teachers focus solely on the mechanics of the swing and technique. But, don’t forget that without proper rhythm, a focus on mechanics will likely not produce the results desired.

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